I believe everybody can look good even with the restricted budget with the touch of style and taste. Combining same stuff but in a different outfits, making accessorize and clothes on my own, wearing some of my mothers old clothes (because the fashion is coming back) is the thing that I do.

A few years ago, fashion became my area of interest. Since then I was dreaming to do something about that. So, I started a blog, for the beginning - encouraged with good critics from the people around me.

What a Friend said once to me, was stacked in my head through all these time:
''Person without a goal is not asking where he is going. You need to have a goal and try to reach it. Every person has a talent for something, but 90% of the people don’t recognize their talent. If you recognize it, use it, because that is your advantage.”

Besides fashion, I would like to share my passion about beauty, exercise, food (especially sweets)... generally about lifestyle.

Thank you for your time, hope you will be back again, and remember to

Be Happy & Enjoy life,


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